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Mulder 78 weathered

Synthetic teak

Topdek has been offering synthetic alternatives to teak since 2007. Topdek is the exclusive supplier of the second-generation PVC teak deck that, unlike its predecessor, is cooler, lighter and more realistic in design. In addition, it is maintenance-friendly and the synthetic teak is a lot more cost friendlier compared to real teak.

Synthetic teak
Topdek cleaner

Topdek Synthetic Teak Cleaner

Topdek Synthetic Teak Cleaner is a multi-functional biodegradable cleaning agent that safely and efficiently cleans all washable surfaces. What makes this cleaner even better is that it can be used for much more than just your deck. Read more about this by clicking the button below.

Complete your kit with a complete package including a brush to apply the Topdek cleaner.

Topdek Synthetic Teak Cleaner package Topdek Synthetic Teak Cleaner

Topdek Synthetic Teak Sealer

After you have cleaned your deck with Topdek Synthetic Teak Cleaner, you can optimally protect the deck against dirt. This protective layer makes cleaning your deck easy and reduces the risk of permanent stains. Protect your deck and enjoy the true beauty of your vessel.

Be fully ready to apply the Topdek sealer with our package that includes a microfibre towel.

Topdek Synthetic Teak Sealer package Topdek Synthetic Teak Sealer