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Five advantages of a synthetic teak deck

Topdek Alternateak

The Topdek synthetic teak decks boast a classic look and feel as well as modern ease of use.

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About Topdek

Topdek has been a supplier of the alternative to teak since 2007. Since the start quality in product and installation has been utmost important. In 2007 Topdek started distributing the first generation synthetic teak, since 2016 Topdek has only been selling the 2nd generation product (Topdek 2G).

In 2007 Topdek started with the distribution of a 1st generation synthetic teak, since 2016 Topdek only supplies 2nd generation Topdek (Topdek 2G) to its partners.

Topdek 2G is an utmost quality product with a very beautiful and realistic appearance. Each project is developed specifically for the customer, professionally manufactured by means of PVC welding (thermal connection) and crafted to a perfect result. The synthetic fenders, top cappings and handrail products make Topdek the total supplier of the alternative to teak wood. With our wide experience and knowledge we can design and support your project into a professional and ultimate result.


Why synthetic teak deck?

Discover the advantages and possibilities of Topdek 2G.

The possibilities
Topdek achterdek

Buy Topdek 2G

A new deck starts with good advice. We are happy to assist you and advise you which dealer is most suitable for you. Request a quote or a sample of the color of your choice and see if it fits your deck..

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Topdek maintenance

After installing Topdek, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Maintain the deck well with these products.

The products


This is what our customers say about Topdek

Topdek serves a large market with partners all over the world. Read what customers say about us here.

Topdek is for us the ideal choice for a synthetic deck finish because of its natural appearance, the well thought-out colour scheme and the high-quality assembly. The end result on our new ship meets all our expectations

Van Silfhout Yacht owner

The new desk looks great. I've had some doubts. But it looks and feels really fantastic and the colour is so natural. We have windows and reals of natural teak and you can't see the difference. I'm very happy with the new deck and can't wait to sail again on my old lady.

Skoko David Chef-kok

A wooden teak deck looks great on a boat and has an exclusive look, especially when it’s new. Unfortunately, it needs a lot of maintenance and it is hard work to keep it in good condition. If you would like to have a teak deck, without the intensive maintenance, a synthetic teak deck from Topdek is the solution!

- Zarro Dutch Quality Boats

A nice result after a long tedious job! Well laid out, well thought out. Thanks to Topdek it looks beautiful. And we float again!

Eternity Jeanneau Particulier

Why choose Topdek?

We offer you the best synthetic alternative for your teak deck!

  • We have more than 16 years of experience in advising and distribution of synthetic teak;
  • Virtually the only supplier of 2nd generation synthetic teak;
  • With a large dealer network in the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries, a partner is always close by;
  • We take care of everything from start to finish with our full service formula.

You are very welcome to come and take a look in Lelystad for an extensive Topdek product presentation. After all, a new deck starts with good advice. Especially with a complicated pattern or interplay of lines where everything has to fit together accurately.

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Topdek 2G – Premium synthetic teak for boats

2G is cooler, lighter and more realistic than the first generation of synthetic deck material

0% Cooler under the feet

Considerably cooler under the feet than 1G synthetic teak.

0% lighter in weight than 1G

Less weight on your boat for greater efficiency.