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Becoming a Topdek dealer, a logical choice

Topdek has been a supplier of the sustainable alternative to teak since 2007. With teak becoming increasingly expensive and alternatives gaining the upper hand, demand is also rising. No doubt you have also noticed this shift in the market. Do you want to become a dealer? As a company, you want to attach your name to a high-quality product. Topdek offers you a valuable partnership, a high-quality synthetic teak deck product with many advantages for the end user.

Craftsmanship, as you are used to

If your company is familiar with teak processing, then switching over and expanding your range with Topdek is a logical choice. Topdek 2G matches teak best in processing properties and appearance. It is ideal for manufacturing a classic deck layout, heringbone or tenon laying technique and has perfect end edge processing. Topdek 2G is applicable for very extensive fabrication possibilities, the material is suitable for decks, benches, stairs, tables, floors, etc.

What do we select our dealers on?

To ensure the quality of our decks, as a dealer you should have experience in:

  • Ship panelling, yacht service or yacht building;
  • Teak wood processing and/or synthetic welding.

Topdek panel mounting

Becoming a Top Deck dealer, what's the advantage?

  • Topdek supplies you with the material in rolls; you make the deck for your customers;
  • We offer our partners a wealth of knowledge, skill and years of experience – since 2007 – in processing synthetic teak;
  • New dealers receive training in processing Topdek 2G;
  • Benefit from close contact with us, as a supplier, and other Topdek processors;
  • In addition to leads you collect from your own network, we also collect leads for our partners;
  • Put your company in the spotlight on the Topdek website with a great project;
  • We market the brand through communication, trade fair participation and online visibility, from which you benefit.

Are you interested in becoming a dealer? Fill in the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.

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