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The second generation PVC teak deck is produced with the highest quality. The excellent anti-slip property provides a safe environment on your boat, but the biggest advantage over its 1st generation predecessor is that the product is cooler, lighter and more natural.

The appearance of both generations is almost the same and they have excellent slip-resistance properties. The difference is the temperature of the material, which is approx. 30% cooler, making it an excellent product for use in warmer climates. In addition, the synthetic deck material is approx. 32% lighter in weight. The first generation has a weight of approximately 6 kg per m2. The second generation weighs approximately 4 kg per m2. Weight saving ensures higher speed and lower fuel consumption.

Fabricage techniek

Topdek 2G and its unique manufacturing technology

Topdek 2G is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. The factory uses advanced extrusion technology. This guarantees colour consistency of the product, while at the same time creating unique uneven wood grain effects that are reminiscent of teak and other wood types.

After the material has been removed from the machine, the product is sanded to bring out the realistic appearance of wood grains. The colours offered by Topdek are available exclusively through our partners.

The product is supplied in roll of 20m. Each deck is unique and created with craftsmanship. Topdek profiles and planks are welded together using vinyl welding. Thanks to this method, your deck is assured of a solid connection of the planks and a strong decking panel.

Topdek 2G paneel

Sustainable Solution

Sustainability is indispensable these days. Topdek is very much aware of its ecological footprint. Fortunately, with the choice of a synthetic teak deck, you not only get a lighter product, ensuring less fuel consumption, but also a more sustainable alternative compared to authentic teak decks.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, the synthetic deck material is a more environmentally friendly product because it contains less PVC. Fewer plasticisers, REACH-compliant (in accordance with EU regulations) and 100% recyclable.

Exclusively available through Topdek partners

Topdek 2G is available exclusively through our distributors and dealers. Together with our experienced dealers, we supply synthetic teak decks based on panels or full-service.

See www.topdek.nl/en/dealers or for more information call +31 (0)88-9494550 of mail naar info@topdek.nl.

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2G – The facts

Specific temp. p/part volume* Thermal conductivity**
1G Material (Standard Synthetic Deck)  1.825 MJ/m3K 0.194 W/mK
2G Material 1.245 MJ/m3K 0.143 W/mK

The 2G material has been tested and results in a lower thermal conductivity 26.3% lower than in the 1G material test. Compared to the density of both materials in which the 2G has a lower density and thermal conductivity, this results in a 31.8% reduction in heat per volume.

* Definition of Specific temp. p/part volume: The heat required to raise the temperature of the volume unit of a material by one degree. The higher the value, the easier it is to transport heat through the material. For any given “material”, the heat capacity of a body is directly proportional to the amount of “material” it contains (measured in terms of mass volume). Doubling the amount of “material” in a body doubles its heat capacity.

** Definition of thermal conductivity: The rate at which heat passes through a specified material, expressed as the amount of heat that flows per unit time through a unit area with a temperature gradient of one degree per unit distance. Heat transfer occurs at a higher rate across materials of high thermal conductivity than across materials of low thermal conductivity.