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Synthetic Teak Cleaner

Topdek Synthetic Teak Cleaner is a multifunctional biodegradable cleaning agent that cleans all washable surfaces in a safe and efficient way. The 2-in-1 product – cleaning and degreasing – is eminently suitable for the synthetic deck material and ensures faster and deeper cleaning, saving a lot of time.

Topdek Synthetic Teak Cleaner is environmentally safe, not corrosive or harmful and does not cause noxious fumes. Moreover, the product is non-flammable. Despite its strong properties, the product does not attack cured paints, synthetics, rubber, textiles or metals, not even aluminium. By applying this product, the surface becomes antistatic.

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Cleaning and degreasing:

  • polyester and synthetics;
  • boats, dinghies;
  • caravans, mobile homes, tents and canvases;
  • awnings and window frames;
  • doors, cabinets and tables;
  • blinds, shutters and garden furniture of wood (including teak);
  • Removal of stains from textiles and carpets (blood, wine, grease, ink, coffee, tea, etc.);
  • Cleaning car interiors and convertible roofs.

Product application for a Yacht
Product application for a House
Product application for a Car
Product application for a Motor
Product application for a Caravan
Product application for a Sail boat


Use the cleaner directly from the spray bottle. Do NOT dilute.

1) Spray the surface. In case of a vertical surface, from bottom to top to prevent streaking.

2) Use a stiff nylon short-haired brush and allow the cleaner to foam well. Depending on the level of dirt, substrate and temperature, allow the foam to act for a few seconds to minutes. Do not let it dry, otherwise apply the procedure again.

3) Rinse the treated surface with clean water. Also check out the following video.

For an easier-to-clean deck, we recommend applying Topdek Sealer immediately after cleaning.

Quick & Easy a truly clean result!

Read the instructions on the packaging before use

Before and after examples