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Topdek was founded in 2007 based on a passion for water sports. The passion for boats has always been in the blood of the owner Ramses Rens (together with René van Veen, co-owners). When his parents’ boat was in need of a new teak deck, they started looking for an alternative to the then already expensive and scarce teak wood. This was found in a beautiful synthetic alternative manufactured in England by a high-quality manufacturer with a long solid history. Unfortunately, the installation was executed poorly which did not meet the expectations. After direct contact with the manufacturer, the idea arose to organize the distribution themselves and create their own dealer network.

The Topdek company was born.


  • 2007 Topdek sales the 1st generation product.
  • 2009 Expansion of synthetic teak deck sections.
  • 2011 Topdek moves to new location including showroom and larger warehouse.
  • 2012 Fenders and top cappings available in various sizes and colours.
  • 2013 Expansion of dealer network & the synthetic teak is available in several attractive colours.
  • 2015 Additional colours and multiple sections.
  • 2016 1st generation synthetic redefined into 2nd generation synthetic Cooler, lighter, wood graining effect.
  • 2017 Proudly your one-stop supplier for 10 years.
  • 2019 International expansion

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