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Easy to use with an artisanal or modern look and feel.

  • More economical than real teak and available in several colours
  • Sustainable outdoor PVC with high slip-resistance qualities
  • Weight-saving, UV- and salt-water-resistant
  • Artisanal beauty, looks like real teak and is even sandable
  • Easy to keep clean and low maintenance

Topdek teak decks and sections provide a stylish finish for your boat, ship, patio, etc. Topdek 2G is exclusively available in outstanding colours. Topdek is part of the Topgroup.

Fendering and top capping

Topdek has a wide range of teak deck sections. The fenders and top cappings make us your one-stop supplier. Savings in processing time are quick to achieve!

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Topdek Kleuren

Choose your colour

The Topdek teak deck, fenders and top cappings are available in a variety of sizes and colours. If a fender or top capping is not available in the desired size, we can still offer a suitable solution in almost all cases. A custom-made fender or top capping is also possible.

Are you looking for a complete deck? Then Topdek offers 11 different colours.

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Our projects

View some of our projects below, these give you a broad impression of what the possibilities are.
Lekker Boats | Charcoal

Lekker Boats | Charcoal

Visit project Lekker Boats | Charcoal

Mulder 73 | Weathered

Visit project Mulder 73 | Weathered

Grand Soleil 37 | Seasoned

Visit project Grand Soleil 37 | Seasoned

DIY installation or professional installation?

Installing a synthetic teak deck starts with good advice

  • Outsource your project completely
    They will see to the perfect measuring, manufacturing, installation and completion. During the manufacturing process, the Topdek sections are melted together using a lace (the PVC welding). As a result, the sections form a whole and are completely waterproof. Vacuuming is optional and gives an extremely flat result with optimum adhesion. One of the conditions is that the surface is flat.
  • Delivery of a template
    The installer will produce the synthetic teak deck panel by means of PVC welding and send it back after which it can be installed on the surface. The kit and auxiliary materials for installing the panel are available from Topdek.
  • DIY installation
    On the basis of the information provided by you, the required materials and auxiliary materials will be calculated. If you would like an explanation about the processing of the material, we can arrange this for you by telephone at the office.


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