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All about synthetic teak decking planks, margin boards, and king plank

A ship’s deck consists of different planks, such as synthetic teak decking planks, margin boards, and king plank in herringbone. The choice of planks depends on the deck’s design. Traditionally, […]

Topdek-sun-bleached-with-teak decking planks, sheer planks, and fishing pieces

A ship’s deck consists of different planks, such as synthetic teak decking planks, margin boards, and king plank in herringbone. The choice of planks depends on the deck’s design. Traditionally, a classic sailing ship was constructed using both teak decking planks, margin boards, and herringbone, but what do we mean by these, what’s the difference?

To give you an idea of a synthetic teak deck in various designs, it’s possible to fill in various options and colors through Topdek’s deck designer. This way, you can determine the design that suits your taste and vessel.

Synthetic teak decking planks

Synthetic teak decking planks are the long planks on the deck. They can be mounted straight or in a curved form on the deck. Planks can be sawn in different ways. For Topdek 2G synthetic teak planks, a quiet appearance of quarter-sawn wood has been chosen. The quarter-sawn method is considered exclusive and is mainly used in the construction of real teak boats due to the better water tightness of these planks. Topdek 2G synthetic teak is made of high-quality PVC. The material has a realistic appearance and is processed using the same woodworking machines as teak wood. Topdek 2G is available in different colors. The synthetic teak wood is known to last for more than twenty years, has anti-slip properties, and is resistant to UV rays and seawater.

Waterproof welded and bonded

Waterproofness is an important property of Topdek synthetic teak. All planks are welded waterproof to each other. This is done on the back of the planks with 4.5mm black PVC welding wire (understring). The Topdek 2G planks are available in different widths: 100mm wide with a seam in the middle (WDK321 2G) and 130mm with a seam in the middle (WDK330 2G). This makes the planks between the seams wider. There are also plastic teak parts that are 100mm wide with a seam on the side (WDK325 2G). Unlike real teak wood, the lengths of the planks are 20 meters, allowing for beautiful straight lines to be installed.

The product is available in different widths so that the effect of the lines on a narrow boat looks as beautiful as on a large ship. The Topdek 2G planks are only 5mm thick and weigh approximately 4 kg/m² (which is about 32% lighter than 1G plastic teak), significantly reducing the weight of the deck compared to a real teak wood deck, which often has a thickness of 8mm and a weight of approximately 5.04 kg/m². This light weight has a positive effect on the boat’s fuel consumption.

Layout of a ship deck


Synthetic Teak Wood Margin boards, or Covering planks

Synthetic Teak Wood Margin boards, or Covering planks are the wood placed around the deck planks. These planks are often wider but of the same thickness as the deck planks. They are usually executed in the same color, but you can also play with them in your design and choose a different color. Simple sloops sometimes use designs without margin boards.

The margin board are available in the same color as the Topdek deck planks. There is no seam. The margin planks are welded to the deck planks, and the seam is filled with a 5mm PVC welding wire (topstring). This 5mm welding wire is available in the colors: white, black, gray, and cream. They are also available in five wood colors, allowing for seamless welding of connections.

Synthetic Teak king plank in herringbone

A King plank is usually used in a traditional herringbone deck design on a ship with a mast. This construction part is the midship plank that connects to the mast. It connects the planks of the starboard and port sides of the boat. Manufacturing this construction part is truly craftsmanship because the deck planks meet at an angle on the midship plank.

Just like with the planks, the plank for making the king plank is of different widths so that the design looks aesthetically pleasing on both large and small boats. Topdek 2G offers these planks in a width of 125mm (WDK 312 2G) and 200mm (WDK 328 2G). They are also 5mm thick and available in different colors.

Construction of a design deck with synthetic teak deck planks, margin boards, and king plank.

After determining the deck design, possibly with the help of the deck designer, you can choose to install the deck yourself or have it installed. For a complex design with deck planks, margin boards, king plank in herringbone, building the deck requires precise measurement and cutting. For this investment, it’s best to hire an expert experienced in laying teak and/or synthetic teak decks. You can choose to have the deck installed or have the panels made and install them yourself.

Option 1: Install Panels Yourself For self-installation, contact a Topdek dealer. The Topdek dealer will make the desired panels for you based on a template of your deck. You provide the template and glue the panels onto the boat yourself. If you’re not a handy DIYer, this carries some risk. You need to ensure everything is securely fixed and the edges are sealed waterproof. After all, you want a well-laid, waterproof deck on your boat.

Option 2: Have Topdek 2G Installed by a Specialist If you prefer to have the plastic teak deck installed by a professional, contact one of our Topdek dealers. Synthetic teak decks are in high demand, so be sure to schedule an appointment in advance.

If your company is interested in becoming a dealer, please contact Topdek.”