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Five advantages of synthetic teak on your deck.

Why choose synthetic? There are at least five advantages to having synthetic teak on your deck. As a skipper, you take pride in your ship, and the deck is the first impression of visitors.

Five advantages of a synthetic teak deck

Why choose synthetic? There are at least five advantages to having synthetic teak on your deck. As a skipper, you take pride in your ship, and the deck is the first impression of visitors. You appreciate the classic lines and beautiful details, everything exudes that this is a genuine teak deck, but you know better. The visitor steps onto the deck, feels the authenticity of the beautiful wooden deck, but it’s not teak. A modern skipper consciously chooses the benefits of a 2nd generation synthetic deck.

What five advantages does a 2G synthetic Topdek offer?

We can list more than five advantages of synthetic teak, but the most important ones are:

  • A 2G synthetic deck is more cost-effective than real teak and is available in many colors.
  • It is laid with craftsmanship and is hardly distinguishable from real teak.
  • The weight is lower than alternative synthetic decks, saving on fuel.
  • The synthetic 2G deck is durable, waterproof, and resistant to UV and saltwater.
  • Topdek 2G is easy to maintain.

Cost-effective and many choices

One of the five advantages is the price and the wide choice of color. Topdek 2G has an authentic appearance due to the wood grain and color variations visible in real wood. The material is available in twelve color combinations, from new to weathered. The price difference of synthetic deck planks is significant compared to the scarce teakwood grown on special plantations.

Crafted synthetic teak deck

Making a synthetic deck requires the same processes as a wooden deck. Using a mold, the planks are custom-made and attached to each other using vinyl welding techniques, making these connections stronger than when glue is used. The PVC material can be perfectly processed into characteristic curved lines with king planks and herringbone or a straight layout without king planks if you want to give the boat a more modern look.

Topdek 2G is not only for new-build ships but also a perfect solution if you want to renovate a ship’s deck. The material is expertly glued to the ship, neatly finished waterproof, and possibly equipped with bumpers. Finally, the deck is sanded, highlighting the beautiful grains. The material gets a lifelike teakwood appearance, a feast for the eyes.

Lower in weight

Topdek 2G is 32% lighter in weight than comparable (1G) synthetic deck material, resulting in significant fuel savings. The material is an excellent choice for performance yachts, powerboats, and multi-deck passenger ships, but also for sailing yachts, sloops, or motor yachts.

Durable Topdek

Due to its low weight, Topdek 2G ranks among the top of the most sustainable teakwood deck replacements. In the production of Topdek 2G, phthalate free plasticizers are used, and the product complies with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) guidelines. Moreover, the product is 100% recyclable.

As it is installed waterproof and resistant to both UV and saltwater, you can sail worry-free for many years. If there is minor damage, it is easy to repair.

Easy to maintain

This brings us to the last major advantage of synthetic teak, easy maintenance. Because no one wants time-consuming tasks. With the sealer, the deck is protected against dirt, making it easier to remove. For cleaning, use the Topdek Synthetic Teak Cleaner. This is a multifunctional biodegradable cleaning agent that cleans all washable surfaces safely and efficiently. The cleaner does not affect cured paints, synthetics, rubber, textiles, or metals and ensures that the surface becomes antistatic, which is important when using electronic equipment such as fish finders and navigation tools.

Topdek was founded in 2007 out of a passion for water sports. The first decks we delivered at that time are still a feast for the eyes and require little maintenance. As a distributor of Topdek 2G synthetic teak deck, we work with a wide network of dealers and reputable shipbuilders who expertly install the deck.