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Hoge Brug in Harelbeke Belgium


Panoramic Bridge

The Hoge Brug in Harelbeke, Belgium has been in use since June 2016. The bridge has been installed to accommodate cargo ships carrying three layers of containers. The wider bridge provides space for walking and cycling and features benches. There is a beautiful far-reaching view over the water and the lock. The freight traffic can be easily observed from the benches. The Hoge Brug is referred to as a Panoramic Bridge (‘Belevenisbrug’).


In the early stages, the benches were provided with teak wood. After several years, the teak started to wear and the deck parts had come loose. Topdek received the request for the delivery of the sofas with the request to manufacture them as sustainably as possible.

Topdek Benches

Topdek’s synthetic teak is of a second generation and is, among other things, cooler than the first generation of synthetics. This makes the product ideal for use as a sofas, table, terrace, staircase, balcony, etc.

The processing consists of a thermal connection so that the final panel forms one whole and does not consists of several connections as is the case with teak wood (teak lath, rubber, teak lath whether or not fixed with screws).

All 32 benches for this project were first measured and then manufactured in the workshop and placed on a solid plastic plate that prevents rotting.

The application of these materials is the most sustainable form.

Second generation plastic

  • Surprisingly versatile;
  • Excellent properties;
  • Natural look;
  • And extremely durable.

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