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Villa project


The design of the Villa was provided by Van der Jeugd Architecten, who created a beautiful balance with the natural environment thanks to the use of modern materials. Because the villa is absorbed into the flowing lines of the landscape, the detached house is literally one with nature.

For the application of the floor finish of the balcony, stairs and swimming pool, the architect opted for teak wood and alternative products in order to achieve a sleek design with a warm appearance. The Topdek synthetic teak was selected by both the architect and the owner as an alternative for the floor finishing.

The synthetic teak product features are:

  • An irregular wood grain structure and therefore have a natural appearance
  • Very pleasant to the feet and not too hot in the sun (properties of second-generation synthetic teak
  • Wide application possibilities
  • Excellent anti-slip properties


The balcony is accessible from the kitchen. From this level there is a beautiful view of the surroundings. The colour of the Topdek synthetic is Teak with black joints and provides a nice warm contrast with the environment. The wide planks and the wider body wood (the outer edge of the surface) have a nice proportion to each other. Even the gutter for the drainage of the balcony is made of synthetic teak (completely black) for a durable waterproof application. The round spiral staircase to the terrace is nicely accentuated by the wide body wood.


The terrace is an extension from the pool to the beautiful garden with pond and stream. The interplay of lines runs from the terrace all the way to the changing room and is no less than 15m. The shape of the concrete outer walls is nicely set off against the plastic teak floor thanks to the application of body wood. The jacuzzi has been placed in the concrete floor. Instead of a standard insulation mattress, a movable cover has been installed featuring the Topdek teak.


The design of the step has been determined in consultation with the supplier of the spiral staircase. Solid teak stairs with a floating appearance. The steel steps are covered with synthetic teak all around and provided with a black trim on the top. The spiral staircase provides a wonderful connection between the balcony and the terrace/pool area.

Swimming pool

The view, the implemented materials and the unique light create a very pleasant and warm atmosphere. The plastic deck parts continue into the sauna, steam room, changing room and serve as the floor of the shower. The Topdek synthetic teak can be perfectly implemented to create a massive appearance that makes it look as if thick wooden deck parts have been applied.

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